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SAMI Virtual Library:  Overview


SAMI Goals
AF ManTech plans to accelerate the adoption of a sustainable manufacturing philosophy to ensure that the aerospace industry is on the leading edge of addressing the challenges of resource conservation and environmental stewardship. The SAMI will initially focus on sustainable manufacturing for the processing and fabrication of metallic, composite, and electronic component parts for aerospace structures and engines. As the SAMI progresses, the list of technology areas and weapons systems will expand to more completely impact the United States aerospace manufacturing industrial base. The SAMI will pursue the following key goals:

   Advance the defense aerospace manufacturing infrastructure by developing sustainable manufacturing guidelines, and maturing practices, processes, and tools.
    Enable risk reduction through the demonstration of comprehensive sustainable pilot production equipment, cells/lines, facilities, and ultimately enterprises.
    Enable design for sustainable manufacturing by incorporating concepts such as Integrated Computational Materials and Manufacturing Science Engineering.

The goals can be implemented on a single process, within a work cell, or across an enterprise. These goals will enable the industrial base to reduce the amount of resources used during production while ensuring input and output materials are safe for the manufacture of weapons systems.

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